Results for 2019/2020

During a difficult year we are really proud of our students’ achievements in GCSEs, functional skills and vocational subjects. Olive Academy staff have been working hard to support our Year 11s as they move to their next destinations, further education and training apprenticeships.

Results for 2018/2019

Olive AP Academy – Havering performed way above national averages for alternative provision schools and pupil referral units in this year’s exams. This year’s results show that the children and young people we work with are leaving us with the qualifications they need to fulfil their ambitions and go on to apprenticeships and further education.

Mark Vickers, Chief Executive, Olive Academies said, “It is really encouraging to see that so many of our young people are now leaving us with a range of GCSE qualifications that they would never have thought possible a year or two ago. This is only the start of our journey and I expect considerable continued improvements. We are determined that every young person we work with gain the qualifications and grades they want and so urgently need to transform their lives.”

Our results summary:

  • 72% of our year 11 students passed their English GCSE
  • 72% of our year 11 students passed their Maths GCSE
















Destinations information for Year 11 leavers in 2019

92% of our year 11 leavers in 2019 are in some form of education, training and/or work. This is an 8% increase compared with 2018.

Note: In accordance with advice provided by the Information Commissioner’ Office, Olive AP Academy – Havering does not publish results or data in any more detail than this as schools and academies are advised not to publish performance data about groups of around 10 pupils or fewer.


Results for 2017/ 2018

Ray Lawrence, Headteacher said, “We are proud of our Year 11 leavers at Olive AP Academy – Havering who have achieved some excellent results in their GCSE (or equivalent) exams this year.  We wish all our Year 11 leavers the very best for the future as they move on to college and apprenticeships. We look forward to hearing all about what they go on to achieve.”









Destinations information for Year 11 leavers in 2018

• 77% of our Year 11 students have a place on college course (either offered or are in the process of being offered). This is an increase of 8.8% and 23.8% on the previous 2 years.
• NEET figures are predicted to be 19%. This would be a decrease of 3.7% and 15% on the previous 2 years.
• 3 students (11%) have been offered places at Havering 6th Form College compared to none in the previous 2 years.

Two years after leaving Olive AP Academy – Havering, 74% of the 2016 Year 11 cohort are known to be in education, training and/ or work.

Please note: Olive AP Academy – Havering converted in September 2016

Results for 2016/ 2017

Pupils at Olive AP Academy – Havering attained broadly in line with the attainment of students in alternative provision (AP) centres nationally. Pupil progress, however, was considerably higher; by more than one grade.

Entries to GCSE courses were significantly higher than the national rate for English and mathematics. This reflects the academy’s policy that, wherever possible, pupils are entered into GCSE courses to improve their life chances. Entry rates were lower in science.

Although pupils achieved slightly fewer GCSE qualifications, they achieved more non-GCSE qualifications. Indeed, the sum of GCSE and non-GCSE courses for pupils at Olive AP Academy – Havering is significantly higher than the sum of both for students in AP centres nationally.

The pupils who are entered for maths and English performed significantly higher at Grade 1 than at AP centres nationally. However, attainment at Grades 4 and 5 is significantly lower. This is due to the low prior attainment of the cohort, which is more than a national curriculum level below the national average. Progress levels are high, which demonstrates that – although the students did not reach grades 4 and 5 – they did make higher levels of progress than are made at AP centres nationally.

The Progress 8 is significantly higher at Olive AP Academy – Havering than in AP centres nationally.


Destination information for Olive AP Academy – Havering Year 11 Leavers 2017